The family Orchidacea consists of over 23,000 documented species worldwide. This number will continue to increase as orchid hybridization and discoveries of new species in the wild continues.  Orchids are the oldest and largest species of flowering plants.  There is research to suggest that some orchid species have graced the earth for 120 million years, that would be before the continents split apart into their current form.  They evolved before continental drift and were living on that original land mass that some refer to as Pangea. 

Orchid lore abounds througout history.  One of my favorite acutal facts about orchids is their bilateral symmetry and their similarity to humans in that aspect. Orchids have bilateral symmetry like a human face. So if a line is drawn vertically down the middle of the flower, the two halves are mirror images of each other. In other words they have a face and eyes and one could say that as you look at the flower it literally looks back at you. 

Even though the world
is filled with confusion
When I gaze at one orchid
I can forget
all of my problems.

           - Song Sunam

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