Orchid Care

Caring for your new orchid at home:

The majority of Pangean Farm orchids come in a decorative pot with some type of potting media. The media may be fir bark chips, moss, stone or a combination of the three.  We also use recyled materials to pack the bottom of the pots.  Your orchid can stay in the decorative pot for a few weeks as you administer small 1/4 cup size waterings 2 times a week if you 1. don't have time to remove it or 2. don't want to remove it. With that being said this varies based on the size of the orchid.  If you have a small Tolumnia you won't be able to water it that way. Its best to remove the Tolumnia and place it under your faucet stream twice week while it is bloom.  It is in a small pot and dries out very quickly.  If it is a large hanging plant use your finger to check the moisture level and weight of the pot. These orchids can be placed directly under the faucet without being removed for some time. This will alow the pot to be fully saturated. Do not place your orchids near a heating vent or fire place.  They also like a well lit room but not direct sunlight.  They tend to like a room that is not too stuffy.  Good light and ventaltation are key to growing almost any plant.  Its important with orchids to determine where you want to go with your love for the flowers.  If you just want to enjoy them while they are blooming then water them by their schedule and don't put them in front of a vent or in the sun.  Throw them out after they lose their bloom.  No harm done.  You appreciated them while they lasted.  If you want to grow them such that they respike and bloom agian. It will may take a bit more effort to find out what the plant wants and needs to give you those spikes.  It can be done and it does happen.  Please consult the American Orchid Society website  http://www.aos.org/  for more indepth instructions.  Talk to other orchidist to find out what works for them.  A good place to meet other orchid growers is your local orchid society meetings.  The Humboldt County Orchid Society website is http://www.humboldtorchids.org/. Information about local meetings and orchid shows can be found on the website.

At some point I would recommend at least by the second week it should be removed from its pot of media. Do this by taking your orchid, placing it on a sheet of newspaper or in a receptacle. This will be used to catch your potting media so it doesn't get everywhere.  You can either discard your media or keep it to redecorate your orchid after you water it.  Your orchid will be in a second pot typically it will be a black or green plastic pot.  Don't remove the orchid from its second pot. This is its home.  We place the orchids in a decorative pot becasue orchids tend to be top heavy and are not safe to stand on their own.  Now take your orchid and let it have a good several drinks of water under your facuet.  Water your orchid again 20 minutes or so later. Let the excess water drain out.  If you have an Oncidium, which we sell a lot of you will do this twice a week while it is in bloom.  Cut back to once a week once the flowers are gone. Place the orchid back in its pot. Add the potting medium to the orchid, share some of it with your other plants, or discard it. 

Different orchid species have different watering scheduals and preferences:
Pahphiopedilum - twice a week while in bloom, likes eastern windows, medium
Miltonia inculding Miltoniopsis - once a week while in bloom
Oncidium - twice a week while in bloom, better with cool temps than warm temps
Cattleya - once a week while in bloom, likes warmer conditions

* Use any orchid fertilizer at recommende strength once a week

These following directions are growing Miltonopsis in Coastal Humboldt County

Winter Care
Nighttime temp. between 50-65. Daytime temp. between 60-75. Water it once a week.  They like bright light. This is an orchid species that likes cooler temperatures. If you can’t give it bright light with cooler temps., it’s better to give it medium light with cooler temperatures.  Fertilize the plant once a month with an orchid specific fertilzer. 

Summer Care
Night temp between 45-60. Daytime temp between 65-80.  It is an ideal plant to put outside in a spot that gets eastern sun.  If using a southern exposure put it underneath an overhang so by noon it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Water it by the weight of the pot and moisture of the medium. This could be once a week or twice a week. Top of pot should feel moist at all times, however the medium should not be saturated in water at all times.  Fertilize once a week with an orchid specific fertilizer.

Watering Instructions
When watering orchids allow water to run through the pot for a minimum of two seconds. Return twenty minutes later and water it again.

It would be helpful to know what the environment is like in your house and where the orchids are growing.  Please let us know if you don’t live in coastal Humboldt County or you have more questions.  We can make recommendations to what type of orchids would grow well for you or give you more specific tips based on where you live and your heating and humidity conditions. 

*These tips apply to the large majority of the orchids we supply. With that being said we do sell other orchids and especially cater to collectors, so it is important to find out what kind of orchid you have to determine how to to care for it properly.  Please call us if you have any questions.  We would be more than happy to help you in your orchidist journey.